Moscow: Red Capital. Communist Era (5 days)

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Explore the Soviet Moscow and the pages of Russian history and its most exciting and most terrifying sides! Visit historical, impressive soviet-style spots and feel for a while like you are back to the USSR! This special tour is dedicated to the 70 years of our history which not only changed Russia, but the world. 

Prices are given in USD per person per tour (accommodation is not included). March 01 - December 31, 2017.

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  • arrival and departure transfer with local guide
  • 2 full day and 1 half day tours with local guide and private tourist class vehicle
  • entrance tickets to the museums: The Moscow Kremlin, GULAG Museum, Underground Bunker Tagansky (privatelty), Cosmonautics Museum, pass to the Metro
  • All local Russian taxes; Private tourist class vehicle; English/or German/or Spanish/or Italian/or French local Guide. Other languages are at extra fee.

Tour highlights

VDNKH (All-Russian Exhibition Centre)

If Moscow seems a bit crowded and you just need to take a break - visit "VDNH"! It used to be the exhibition ground where people could see the outstanding achievements of Soviet economy. You'll walk by fountains, retro-styled pavilions, stunning flowerbeds, and even statue of Lenin! Consider taking a photo of pavilions. They have that imperial, "Soviet" look and will make a great exhibits of your photo collection.

Underground Bunker Tagansky

After a ride on a rapid elevator 65 meters under the ground you will see one of the most secret military facilities of the USSR – a Secured Command Post «Tagansky». During the visit you will pass through the secret tunnels, see samples of arming and communication equipment.

GULAG Museum

An estimated 20 million people died during Stalin's reign of terror. At the height of the terror, in the 1930s, victims accused of plotting against Soviet power were executed en masse. Visitors of this unique museum can see what was the life in the camps and read about the experiences and suffering of individual prisoners.

Moscow Metro

Take the Moscow Metro Tour and discover why Moscow subway is recognized as the most beautiful in the world! "They used to have palaces for king's, we are going to build palaces for the people!" said one of the main architects of the Soviet subway. Live like a true Russian by experiencing the Moscow Metro which spans nearly the whole of the capital with over 185 miles of track carrying over 7 million passengers daily.

Cosmonautics Museum

Apart from anything else, the shear aesthetic beauty of the displays should impress. The other-wordly sheen of the hi-tech materials used to construct space craft is extraordinary when seen close-up and, combined with a host of cosmos-themed artwork, the exhibition is a compelling reminder of the time when space exploration was still viewed unequivocally as mankind's last great adventure.

The Moscow Kremlin

It is a historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow. The complex serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The Moscow Kremlin submitted to UNESCO World Heritage. The existing Kremlin walls and towers were built by Italian masters over the years 1485 to 1495.


Day 1: Back to USSR!

Welcome to Russia! Guided airport arrival transfer and hotel “check in”. Spend the rest of the day preparing for an exciting full day of touring tomorrow.

Day 2: Vladimir Lenin

In the morning you will have special sightseeing tour through "Red Moscow". In the afternoon visit the mighty Moscow Kremlin, “Citadel of communist regime” and the Red Square.

Day 3: Joseph Stalin

In the morning enjoy our special sightseeing tour “Communist experiment” and visit GULAG Museum. In the afternoon we offer you to explore impressive Moscow Metro and visits to VDNKH which is used to be the exhibition ground where people could see the outstanding achievements of Soviet economy.

Day 4: Leonid Brezhnev

Enjoy special tour dedicated to" SPACE PIONEERS” and visit to Cosmonautics museum. In the afternoon you will unravel all Secrets of Cold War visiting guided tour to Underground Bunker Tagansky.

Day 5: Goodbye, Moscow!

Hotel “check out”. Transfer to the airport