Back to the Times of Peter the Great
A 5 hour visa-free shore excursion from $59

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Days: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun            

Departure time:         09:00 or 14:00            

Duration:                    5 hours

1 pax $571
2 pax $294
3 pax $211
4-5 pax $162
6-7 pax $113
8-9 pax $94
10-14 pax $80
15-19 pax $73
20-24 pax $73
25-29 pax $65
30 pax $59

Infants (0-3 yo) are free of charge     Discount for kids (3-12 yo) - 15 USD                     Prices are in USD per person per tour                      


All port fees for one day and all local Russian taxes; Visa-free formalities; Private vehicle; English/or German/or Spanish/or Italian/or French local Guide; Entrance tickets to the museums; One pass for the camera per person in the museums; 1 bottle of mineral water per person in the vehicle.


Gratuities to the guide and driver

Excursion description

To offer the best experience for cruise travelers being ashore in St Petersburg, Fremad Russia has designed the "Back to the Times of Peter the Great" shore excursion. Discover the history of the founding and formation of St. Petersburg and myths and the truth behind the most famous and extravagant Russian Tsar, Peter The Great.

Your tour guide will meet you at the pier. The excursion starts with visiting The Menshikov Palace that faces the Bronze Horseman, the monument to Peter the Great and one of the landmark monuments of St. Petersburg. Our next stop is the Log Cabin of Peter the Great, the first residential building built in the newly founded city of St. Petersburg. After visiting the cabin, we will take a leisurely walk in The Summer Garden followed by a 45-minute boat ride to view more of St. Petersburg's landmarks from water. After the excursion, we will bring you back to your cruise ship.

The Menshikov Palace

The fascinating Menshikov Palace was the first stone residential building erected in St. Petersburg. The palace was built as a residence of the city's first governor, Alexander Menshikov, young Peter the Great's closest companion and protégé. Alexander Menshikov came from a very humble background, but was quickly promoted by Tsar Peter to become a duke and the Governor General of newly founded St. Petersburg. Peter the Great often stayed at The Menshikov Palace and held his official receptions with foreign ambassadors here, while he was in St.Petersburg. Also, the luxurious palace hosted the first balls and carnivals in St. Petersburg. The palace features a rare mix of Baroque style with traditional Russian architecture and incorporates all the latest achievements in construction and art of that times. The legend says that many guests were frightened to step on unusual looking 3D parquet designed by Peter himself.

After Menshikov's arrest in 1727, the palace was confiscated and became home to the First Cadet Corps, the most prestigious cadet school in Russia. Nowadays, as part of The State Hermitage Museum, the Menshikov Palace has become a permanent exhibition showcasing artworks from the times of Peter the Great's reign.

The Log Cabin of Peter the Great

The power and mightiness of St. Petersburg and Peter the Great's reign – it's all started here! The cabin of Tsar Peter is a small wooden house constructed on a riverbank in three days in May 1703. The cabin served as the first residence of Tsar Peter in St. Petersburg, from where he oversaw the construction of the nearby Peter and Paul Fortress and laid out plans for his new capital. This humble log cabin with a tiny bedroom, kitchen and a study provides a great contrast to the Winter and Summer Palaces and gives an insight into the strong character of Peter.

The cabin is the only wooden structure survived from of the city foundation period. In 1930, this historical and memorial museum was opened to the public. The cabin's exposition consists of Peter the Great’s personal belongings and objects from that era.

Summer Garden Stroll

Feel the atmosphere of Peter the Great's era while going for a stroll in The Summer Garden! Impressed by the famous royal parks and gardens that he had seen in Europe, Peter the Great was very keen to complete. To decorate the Summer Garden, he commissioned marble busts and statues from Italy. That purchase laid down a foundation of the remarkable collection of European sculptures.

Neva River fencing the Summer Garden creates a landscaping masterpiece. The impressive monumentality miraculously merges with lightness, simplicity and grace.

A Boat Tour

A boat trip is a very pleasant, interesting and romantic way to explore the city. St. Petersburg is often called the Venice of the North. It lies astride 42 islands washed by 65 rivers and canals. You will go along the old canals, tiny rivers and under the bridges. You will discover completely different city and it will be easy to imagine yourself in the 18th - 19th century St. Petersburg, where canals and boats existed and busses did not.

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