A 12 hour visa-free shore excursion from $98

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Days:  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun                       

Departure time:        08:00              

Duration:                   12 hours                       

1 pax $785
2 pax $422
3 pax $326
4-5 pax $259
6-7 pax $192
8-9 pax $170
10-14 pax $145
15-19 pax $142
20-24 pax $122
25-29 pax $108
30 pax $98

Prices are in USD per person per tour                      

Discount for kids (3-12 yo) - 15 USD                     

Infants (0-3 yo) are free of charge                 


All port fees for one day and all local Russian taxes; Visa-free formalities; Private vehicle; English/or German/or Spanish/or Italian/or French local Guide; Entrance tickets to the museums; Lunch in local restaurant (3 courses, tea/coffee, mineral water); One pass for the camera per person in the museums; 2 bottles of mineral water per person in the vehicle.


Gratuities to the guide and driver.

Excursion description

100% Unique! A day tour to Veliky Novgorod from St Petersburg is your chance to see one of the oldest and the most important cities of Ancient Rus! 

Your guide will meet you at the pier at 8.00 am. Depart for the city of Velikiy (Great) Novorod (200 km). During 2 hours drive your guide will tell you lots of stories and historical fact about very early days of the Russian State. Upon arrival you will visit the Novgorod Kremlin and its magnificent St.Sophia Cathedral, Yaroslav’s Courtyard and city center. After lunch, you will have an excursions to St.George monastery and the Museum of Traditional Russian Wooden Architecture Vitoslavitsy. We leave Novgorod about 05.00 pm and you will be back to the ship at 08.00 pm. 

Novgorod City

The name Novgorod means ""New City"", but today it's in fact one of the oldest Russian cities with the oldest Russian cathedral on the territory of our country. This cathedral – St. Sophia, which of course bares some links to St. Sophia in Constantinople, strikes everyone by its very special kind of beauty – simple and strong, with its own inner energy and power. It has perfect proportions and bares some kind of ancient spirit and something very Russian in the appearance. When you enter the cathedral, you find yourself in the 12th -14th centuries and you will be really shocked by the images of Russian saints literally watching you from the walls.

The History of Novgorod is very rich and tragic, and you will hear a lot of stories about it from your guide, who will no doubt mention the most famous and really unique thing about Novgorod – they used to have a republic in the 12th -14th centuries! At that time the citizens invited princes to rule them but those princes could be dismissed by the so called "veche" – a kind of ancient parliament. Nowhere else in Russia anything a bit like that ever happened.

The Novgorod Kremlin and St.Sophia Cathedral

The Novgorod Kremlin is Russia’s oldest, although the fortifications in 1044 were originally made out of wood rather than the stunning red stone of today. First built on an old pagan burial ground, the construction of St. Sophia Cathedral made a thoroughly Christian site.

Guests should set aside ample time to explore the cathedral - Russia’s oldest church building - with its austere stone walls and five helmet-shaped domes. Inside the cathedral are Novgorod’s famous bronze gates and the graves of many famous people from Russian history.

The Millennium of Russia in the main square of the Novgorod Kremlin - a huge bell shaped monument cast in bronze - also commemorates the region's history. Around the circumference, warriors thrust swords into the air while diplomats stand in discussion. Above the bell stands a tall cross, representing the power of the tsar in Novgorod."

Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy"

Vitoslavlitsy Museum is located on the banks of Lake Myachino and the VolkhovRiver. This is one of the most picturesque places in the Novgorod region. Izbas (village houses), chapels and churches form streets like those in old Russian villages. Restorers managed to preserve the unique works of Novgorodian carpenters. The buildings on display are so magnificent that they need no introduction. To get to know how Russian people lived many years ago, one must visit any of the izbas.

St. George Monastery

The legend has it that St. George monastery was founded in 1030 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. He was christened as George (Yury, George), and after victorious campaign against the people of chud' he founded the city of Yuriev and built cathedrals in Novgorod and Kiev in the name and to the glory of his heavenly patron. The St. George cathedral in Novgorod was built on the route from the city to the country-side residence of the prince in the Rakomo village, on the shore of the Ilmen Lake. Around the cathedral a monastery of the same name was founded.

Reviews from our guests

Wirklich gute Tour. Wir hatten einen sehr interessante Reiseführer. Novgorod ist schöne alte Stadt, rate ich jedem zu besuchen!
The best exscurion=)

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