Solovky Wonderland

Fremad Russia was one of the first Travel Agency in Russia who arranged tours to the Russian North and to the Solovki islands. This unique land never ceases to amaze.

Can you imagine a kilometer-long bridge connecting two islands Bolshoi Solovetsky and Bolshaya Muksalma? The engineering plan and industriousness of monks and workers living here centuries ago inspire an admiration in everyone coming here.

When you book your Solovki tour don't miss a visit to the St. Sergius-Radonezh Skete (priory) on the island of Bolshaya Muksalma. You will see the monuments of the Solovetsky special purpose camp and a famous Solovetsky dam connecting the archipelago through the sea strait.

The guide will tell you why it was necessary to connect two islands with a boulder bridge, talk about the exemplary cattle yard of the Solovetsky Monastery, the camp chemical laboratory and the military airfield.

And we have one more things for you to try! The White sea itself is an unique natural creature. Its crystal clear waters are full of life. You will fish and taste delicious White Sea mussels. Doesn't it sound great?

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