White whales maternity hospital on the North of Russia.

Every summer White whales - beluga whales come Solovetsky Islands located is the heart of the White Sea. Here they mate, give birth, care for and train cubs, communicate with each other.

Perhaps the White Sea is the only maternity hospital for all belugas in the European part of the Arctic. The water area of ​​the Solovetsky Archipelago is of particular importance in the life and maintenance of the number of belugas. No wonder one of the capes is called Beluga for hundreds of years. 

Fremad Russia offers a tour to Solovetsy Islands to watch belugas in their natural habitat.

Beluga whales are attached to the same places in the seas where they come at a certain period of the year, mainly in the summer. They adhere to these places for a long time, 2-3 months, when the offspring are born, the offspring are raised and the males meet. Scientists call this phenomenon philopathy, and it is characteristic mainly for migratory birds that annually return to their nesting sites.

Fremad Russia offers fun, small group wildlife tours to the White Sea, Solvki Islands and all over Russia.

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