1st September – start of the new school year in Russia

The National Day of Knowledge is celebrated in all parts of Russia on the 1st of September.

It’s often simply called “1st September” and is the day when the school year traditionally starts in Russia. It’s also the beginning of the new academic year in institutes and universities

Knowledge Day originated in the USSR, where it had been established in 1984.

Teachers, parents, pupils usually gather at the school yards in the morning. Girls often have big beautiful white ribbons in their hair. Boys wear white shirts.

A school director congratulates pupils with the Knowledge Day. And a ‘first bell’ ceremony for children coming to school for the first time takes place. Traditionally, a first grade girl holds a bell in her hands. She sits on a senior student’s shoulders and rings the bell. Pupils and parents give flowers to the teachers to thank them for patience and energy. After there is a short standard lesson in classes and time for rest and celebrations either with family or with friends.

This year, due to the pandemic situation, the 1st September scenario will be a little bit different, without any festive ceremonies, first bells and selebrations as everything is organized according to strong safety measures and recommendations to minimize any gatherings or crowds.

But the most important thing is that off-line study process continues again after 2 months break in spring.

And of course, we all hope, that the next “knowledge day” will be “normal” again without any restriction.

Fremad Russia DMC wishes everyone related to education, all the best in the new school year!