Sokolniki Moscow: Lets have a fun!

If you think Moscow is all about Red Square, the Kremlin, Arbat and Metro, ask Fremad what else we have to offer and we will take you to Sokolniki, one of the favorite place of moscovits throuh the centures.

You will be cordially greeted by the inhabitants of the former Sokolniki - merchant Akulina Gerasimovna Vorobyova and her guests - contemporaries of the characters of Ostrovsky and Chekhov. They will tell the the history of the places.

Together with our characters you will be transferred to the beginning of the 20th century. In those days, Sokolniki were famous not only for a well-organized park, but also for a special summer activities and games.

You will participate in the kindling of the samovar, and next you will taste traditional Russian tea with the famous Kolomna pastille and pastel "sweets" made according to old recipes at the Museum Factory in Kolomna.