Hidden Bunker at the city center side streets

The Sceret Bunker of the Cold War is, probably, the most attractive museum in Moscow.

Why?  Becaus it's:
-The deepest one (65 m underground)
-Hidden at city centre side streets
-Former secret military object
At 1945 USA created nuclear bomb. This year scientists of USSR started to develop own nuclear weapons and defense system from it.
At 1947 weapon was created and tested at Semipalatinsk. 
Bunker — the commander post for government to rule the country in case nuclear attack was ready at 1956.
Quick access from Kremlin, modern technologies of connection, own system of life support (own water, foods, oil, ventilation) were created.
Construction was kept is secret from public. The works were held together with metro station construction.
1955-1956 commander post was re-equipped for command center of strategic bombers that had the ability to carry nuclear bombs on a board. 
1962, during Caribbean crisis, 2500 staff was on duty in a bunker totally isolated - awaiting for nuclear attack. 
at 1970-1980 —  bunker was reconstructed and worked life telegraph. 
Time passed, relationship between Russia and Western countries developed to partnership and the original purpose of construction has lost its relevance
At 2000 bunker was totally declassified
Today Bunker -42 is one of the most atmospheric places in the city.
Entering by tiny side street to the yard we pass through corridor and start journey underground — 310 steps, 18 floors and see massive halls (9,5 meters in diameter) connected with each other and metro station and long tunnels. They are the same as in metro, but joints between blocks are patched up with resin cement and lead.
Doc film about nuclear weapons, bomb models, copy of air force command post, chemical protection suits and many other interesting things are being demonstrated passing from hall to hall during excursion 

An extraordinary sight is worth visiting. Awareness that the object never served a purpose of its building and world leaders found strong arguments to resolve Caribbean crisis.

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