Today Russia celebrates New Year for the second time!

Russians love to celebrate! Luckily for us, the New Year Eve comes to Russia twice on 31 of December and two weeks later. At midnight from 13 to 14 January (we call it "Old New Year") we again congratulate our nearest and dearest, we fill glasses with champagne, we make a toast and a wish. 

Before the year 1700 the New Year came to Russia on September 1. Piter the Great reformed the whole country including our calendar. He ruled to start the year on January 1. The point was that Russia lived according to the  Julian calendar while Europe had used the Gregorian one. The difference between Russia and other world was 14 days. In 1918, Bolsheviks and Vladimir Lenin have issued a decree and officially transferred the chronology of the country to the Gregorian version of the calendar. Thus the New Year has moved 14 days back.

Russians love to celebrate and we are happy to have one more blast of fun before the winter festive season is over.

Fremad Russia DMC team wants to take this opportunity to send our hearty greetings to all of you and to say one more time: Happy New Year!