Moscow has joined the World Travel & Tourism Council’s ‘Safe Travels’

Moscow has joined the World Travel & Tourism Council’s "Safe Travels".  This is the first global safety travel initiative since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moscow travel agencies, hotels and various other facilities can now obtain the special stamp: Safe Travels Discover Moscow. This confirms that all WHO requirements and recommendations are being observed in Moscow. That includes such things as social distancing, health monitoring of workers plus the wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment).

The WTTC’s ‘Safe Travels’ standards have been compiled for places like hotels, airports, conference and cultural centres, tourist sites, property rental and rent-a-car services, tour operators and travel agencies. The ‘Safe Travels’ security protocols advise taking both local and national laws into consideration as well as instructions from international organisations, including the WHO.

If all the requirements are met the applicants will be included in the ‘Safe Travels’ system and information will be entered in the Safe Travels Discover Moscow register.

Hope, this sign will help travelers to feel comfortable and safety when the borders reopen.

Fremad Russia DMC  will keep you informed!