Interactive venue in Peterhof – “House of Playing card"

If you would like to delve into the mystery world of playing cards, feel and understand the power of this game, then we invite you to “House of Playing card” – first and only one of it’s kind museum in Russia dedicated to playing cards.

Museum is located  in one of the buildings on the territory of Peterhof complex. The museum has some truly interesting and rare exhibits which could be of interest not only for experts. The exposition features more than 10,000 items. Various types of decks of cards, i.e. souvenirs, educational, advertising, for kids, accessories for playing are exhibited in halls decorated in style of ancient epochs. 

The new venue is referred to as “museum-spectacle” as modern multimedia technologies have come to help spectators (as visitors are called here) better plunge into history and art. Spectators will meet royal players, learn the connection between playing cards and Peterhof, attend a session of fortunetelling, visit virtually casinos across the world, witness a talk between famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the author of "The Queen of Spades", and composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky who wrote the music for "The Queen of Spades" opera.

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