Most interesting facts about Murmansk: Aurora Borealis, Teriberka and many others

Russia is huge country and we wuld like to move to it's nothern part and  tell you about the city located beyond the Arctic Circle - Murmansk 
Musmansk became quite popular in recent years and let me tell you why.

In Russia there are around 30 cities within the Arctic Circle. Murmansk was the last city to be established in the Russian Empire. The city only celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. So, it’s quite young.  

What is it famous for?

Northern Lights

One of the most famous gems of Murmansk is, of course, Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This is a beautiful light show created in a night sky by nature. It is impossible to see them in the city because of the bright lights; however, if you take a ride out to the countryside you have a great chance to see the miracle of dancing colored lights. The Northern Lights start appearing in late August and can be caught till mid-April.
A relatively new glamping complex called Aurora Village offers a set of igloos and features one of the best spots for seeing Northern Lights.


This village on the Barents Sea coast is a must-visit during any time of the year. Located on the shore of Barents Sea, 120km, three hours’ drive from Murmansk, this small village has just 617 residents and a wide selection of picturesque houses that could serve as art objects or as a set for horror films.
During the tour of the village, you will stop at several locations, such as a wooden ship's “cemetery”, which is older than 100 years and started from Imperial times. Then, head to the Arctic Ocean coast for the weird and wonderful photos of frozen rocks and tundra against the Barents Sea, and a magnificent waterfall that flows into the Arctic Ocean.
The way to Teriberka from Murmansk lies through the tundra. Its views do not leave anyone indifferent and are definitely worth a photo stop. 
An important thing: the road to Teriberka can be closed due to weather conditions. Better not to plan your trip to Teriberka on the last day of your trip to have an opportunity to shift it to another day.

Explore the city

Murmansk is an important Russian naval base, it served as a port for the Arctic convoys during WWII. Don’t forget about city tour which includes city’s main attractions:
Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker. The world’s first surface ship with a nuclear reactor.  The icebreaker was built in the Soviet Union to serve the Northern Sea Route and ensure continuous navigation. In 1989, it was decommissioned and turned into a museum. 
Alyosha Monument. Also considered the “Monument of the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War” which commemorates those who defended the port of Murmansk during the war. The main element is the figure of a Soviet soldier in a raincoat with a machine gun over his shoulder. The height of the monument is 42 meters, which makes it one of the highest monuments in Russia. The best panorama of Murmansk opens from here.
Northern Fleet Naval Museum. Its exhibits include models of ships, artifacts, and exhibits of Russia’s first Navy and WWII convoys

The Snow village

Snow Village is a must-see for families with children; however, it is interesting for adult travelers, too. This unique project started in 2008 and it is now a big art complex made of snow and ice
The Snow Village looks like a cave with multiple rooms; each room made in its own style with sculptures and carvings of snow and ice. The most peculiar thing about it is that it is totally made by human hands without any artificial materials.
Note: Snow Village operates only from 25th of December until the end of April.

Sami Village

Sami Village called “Sam Syyt” is located approximately 100 km from Murmansk and serves for keeping the traditions of the old northern population — Sami. It is an open-air museum dedicated to the lifestyle and traditions of Sami.
As Sami Village keeps reindeer, which can be fed during your visit, reindeer sledding is also available. Finally, you can spend time with lovely huskies on a small husky  farm of Sam Syyt and get acquainted with the old moose.
You are welcome to try Sami traditional open-air games and take photos in traditional clothes. Don’t forget to make a wish near the idols — Sami believe they make wishes come true if you give them a coin . You will need one coin for each of six majestic idols.

General travel tips:

Murmansk is appr 2,5 hrs flight from Moscow and less then 2 hrs flight from St.Petersburg, it’s possible to use the train from both cities, but joinery will be much longer.

Be careful when choosing a season for your trip: Murmansk and the whole Kolskiy District have a polar night from the beginning of December and 40 days on (this means sun never rises during this period) and a polar day from the end of May till the end of July, when, on the contrary, sun is shining 24/7. This may be quite difficult for those who are not used to such phenomena.

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