10 objects you shouldn't missed during the Kremlin tour

We decided to tell you more about the most iconic places and sights of Moscow.

What place in Moscow should every traveler visit? Of course, the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. And what can you see there? We have prepared a list of top 10 “must see” objects for you there: 

✅ The Armory Chamber

The basis of the collection was made up of jewels and art objects that were kept for centuries in the royal treasury and the patriarchal sacristy. The total number of exhibits is more than 4 thousands; some of them were made in the Kremlin workshops, others were donated by foreign embassies.

✅ The Diamond Fund

It is a separate exposition in the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin and is structurally a subdivision of the Russian Gokhran. The collection was founded by a decree of Peter I.

✅ The Cathedral Square

It is a historical and cultural center of the Moscow Kremlin. The square is located at the highest point of Borovitsky Hill and is known for its unique ensemble of four churches. Russian tsars were crowned here, today the inauguration ceremony of Russian presidents is held here.

✅ The Assumption Cathedral

It was built in 1475-1479. Until the October Revolution, the cathedral was the main Orthodox church in Russia.

✅ The Annunciation Cathedral

This elegant nine-domed church was built in 1489 by the Pskov architects Myshkin and Krivtsov.

✅ The Archangel Cathedral

It was built in 1508. Then the ruling prince Vasily III ordered to transfer the burials of the Great Russian princes to the new cathedral. So the Archangel Cathedral became the burial vault of the Moscow sovereigns from the Rurik and Romanov family, starting with Ivan Kalita and ending with Peter II. There are 54 burials in the cathedral.

✅ The Ivan the Great Bell Tower

This bell tower was considered the tallest building in Russia until the beginning of the 18th century.

✅ The Tsar Cannon

This gigantic 38-ton artillery piece was cast in bronze in 1586 by order of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich.

✅ The Tsar Bell

It is the largest bell in the world (the weight is 216 tons, the diameter is 6.6 meters).It was cast in 1730 by order of Empress Anna Ioannovna in memory of her reign, the Tsar Bell was never used for its purpose.

✅ The Church of laying our lady’s holy robe


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