The main mosque in Moscow - one of the largest and highest mosques in Russia and Europe

Today we  would like to invite you to Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

The main mosque in Moscow, one of the largest and highest mosques in Russia and Europe:

space 18900 sq.m.

capacity 15000 people

height of minarets 79.8 m

the height of the main dome is 46 meters, the diameter is 27 meters.

 12 kg of gold covers the main dome

 $ 170 million for construction

 320 lamps are lighting the interior

The first building of the mosque was built in 1904, in 2011 it was reconstructed and in 2015 new building of the Mosque was opened on the historical place.

The shape of the minarets and the golden dome symbolizes friendship of multinational Russian society: minarets form reminds about Kremlin towers, golden dome organically suites to Golden domed Moscow image.

Turkish government gifts complete the interior decorations- carved wooden doors, crystal chandelier for the main hall and prayer carpets.

The building has seven elevators, making the mosque accessible for everybody.

On October 7, 2015, the hair of the Prophet Muhammad was delivered to the mosque for storage. About 5 thousand people came to see it

The Moscow Higher Islamic Spiritual College and the Moscow Islamic University function on the territory of the mosque.

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