Hermitage without crowd - dream or reality??

The Hermitage Museum opened its doors for visitors just 2 weeks ago. How does it function??? What kind of safety measures should be complied?? How is the entrance organized???

What can we see inside - are all halls open or part of the exhibition is closed??

We will try to answer the most popular questions.

  • The Hermitage should and follow all the safety measures - all visitors and staff should wear masks and gloves and keep the required social distance.

  • Visits are organized by time slots to avoid queues or crowds.

  • There are 2 routes offered to visitors and each guest should follow the chosen route.

  • The routes are different but cover the most interesting halls. 

  • Stay in Hermitage is limited - max 2 hrs, but staff is very loyal to this point.

  • Tickets should be bought online only and in advance, cash payment is not allowed.

Everything is well organized and well-considered.

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