From Novgorod to Petrozavodsk in 6 hours

The Lastochka high-speed train made its first journey from Novgorod to Petrozavodsk today. These trains are already connecting St.Petersburg and Novgorod, Viborg and Petrozavodsk and they are very popular in terms of both speed and comfort.

The new rout make it easy and convenient to arrange tour through the Russian History. You will learn it from the very beginning visiting ancient capital of Rus Novgorod the Great. In less than 7 hours comfortable train brings you to Petrozavodsk to see a truly gem of wooden architecture - famous Kizhi. And you are not going to miss St.Petersburg, the city of glory of Russian Empire with its Hermitage Museums, St.Isaak's cathedral, fountains of Peterhof and 8th wonder of the world the Amber room.