How the former industrial zone is turning into a center of modern culture and an urban recreation area.

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Founding a city in 1703, Peter I started with a fleet and in 1704 the left bank of the Neva turned into a large shipyard. Materials for the construction of the ships were delivered by water. The huge warehouses were built nearby on an artificially formed island. From the beginning people called the place "New Holland" due to its similarity to to the Dutch shipyards.

At that time all the buildings of New Holland were wooden. Later new warehouses were built according to the project of Savva Chevakinsky in red bricks. Among gloomy and even sinister architectural structures of New Holland is shown up and attracts special attention the majestic arch, the project of which was made by the architect Wallen-Delamot. The unusual combination of red brick and granite and giant grey columns give to the arch the impression of a medieval castle gate.

In the 19th century a Marine prison has been built here and had a shape of a tower. But the people quickly named it as “a bottle”. Still now Russians have a very popular expression "Do not get into the bottle."

The whole area was prohibited for hundreds of years. Few years ago it underwent a complete renovation and now “New Holland” operates  all year round like a center of modern culture and an urban recreation area.

Guests of New Holland may find a lot of fun here: Exhibitions & performances, experimental and classic cafes and restaurants, many other interesting things to spend the time in a good way and in pleasant company, when exploring the city…

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