New rules with E-visa will increase the availability of trips to Russia!

Fremad Russia has already announced that from the 1st of January 2021 you may travel all over Russia with E-visa. That opens fantastic opportunities to see places you were dreaming to visit but visa issue stopped you to come.

An electronic visa will be available along with a diplomatic, service, ordinary, transit and temporary resident visa. E-visa is supposed to cost 50EUR instead of ~75EUR for paper visa (and in case of urgent date ~150EUR).

Another good news is that the list of countries whose citizens could receive an electronic visa will expand significantly as well as the list of checkpoints (now it is only St. Petersburg, the Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions, the Russia Far East) 

You may stay in Russia up to 16 days within 60 days period, when the visa is valid. The application form to fill out will be placed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The E-visa processing will take not more than 4-5 days instead of 15-20 days to issue a paper visa.

Company Fremad Russia has already prepared a lot of interesting tours for our tourists for Autumn -Winter 2020-2021 and we hope to get your new requests! Let us remind you that E-visa to St.Petersburg is free till the end of the year!

The borders will be opened soon! We’ll travel again!