Peter&Paul Fortress - fortress in the center of St.Petersburg

We would like to tell you the history of one of the first structures of St.Petersburg.

Each guest who comes to St. Petersburg has his own list of highlights that he plans to visit and, sure, Peter&Paul Fortress is there.

Is it worth visiting?? Is it a real fortress or just the name?? Why the fortress is in the city center and what is the history???  Some interesting facts are below and if you manage all of them, you will find some travel tips at the end 

The fortress was established by Peter the Great in May 1703 on small Hare Island by the north bank of the Neva River and consider as a first structure of St.Petersburg and thus the birthplace of the city. Built at the height of the Nothern War order to protect the new capital from a feared Swedish counterattack, the fort never fulfilled its intended defensive  function.

It was used for different purposes:

  • as a military base
  • as home of government departments
  • the burial ground of the Russian Imperial family and  
  • even  as a prison for high-ranking or political prisoners

While the central visitor attraction is undoubtedly the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral (bural ground of Russian Imperal family), there is plenty within the walls of the fortress to keep children and adults occupied for a full day at least (need more information, send your questions, we will be happy to answer) .

Why it’s worth visiting and what to expect???

  • The Fortress is located in the very city center and  the golden spit of Peter&Paul Cathedral you can easily find it by Golden spit seeing from different  parts of the city. By the way, the Angel on the top of the spit is one of the world famous symbols of St.Petersburg.
  • There are 2 entrances to the fortress territory trough 2 bridges (as the fortress is located on island)
  • Every day at noon there is a cannon shot from Naryshkin bastion. This is quite old  tradition of St.Petersburg and you can join it free, if you come by noon.
  • There is a beautiful panorama of the Neva river and some central bridges and embankments you can see from one of the bastions of the Fortress.  Don’t miss this popular place for selfie.
  • Also pictures with monument  to Peter the Great (very unusual and nothing in common with famous Bronze Horseman) and small stone figure of  Hare sitting under one of the bridges leading to Fortress are  also extremely popular.

After visit to Fortress you can continue exploring  the city  from “water” and taking boat trip from pier located near the fortress or even from high – there is also a helicopter landing pot of the fortress territory, so you can enjoy the city center view during the helicopter flight.

If you prefer more relaxing visit, you can always have some rest in restaurant on the fortress territory with the beautiful view to Neva river and embankments or you can stay at beach and see locals which use it to sunbathe in summer or swim in ice-holes in the winter.

If you need more details to plan your future visit, contact Fremad Russia DMC.