When can you expect the best rates for accommodation - travel tips

If you are going to plan your tour to St.Petersburg, you should know some important travel tips about rates for accommodation.

In general, several periods can be specified: high season / middle season / low season. The season’s names can show you what to expect in terms of rates.

High season (or top season) is the period of the famous White Nights, which starts from mid-May to mid-July.

This is the period of the famous "White Nights Festival" at the Mariinsky Theater, "Scarlet Sails" (a grandiose musical and pyro-technical show dedicated to graduates of Russian schools) and many other events. This is the most popular period, but unfortunately the most expensive.

Middle season - here we can specify several periods:
- from April to mid-May
- from mid-July to early October
- and the trend of recent years is the period of the New Year and Russian Orthodox Christmas (from the end of December to January 10).
Middle season rates can be found at any time of the year - spring, summer, fall and winter, so you have a wide choice!

Low season - periods with the best possible and attractive prices, it is often possible to get 4 * or even 5 * hotels at 3 * rates.
- from January 11 to early April - from early October to December 30.

If you don’t want to remember all these details, no problem, just contact Fremad Russia DMC, we will find the best solution depending on your wishes and budget.