Winter day in Pavlovsk Emperor Estate

Pavlovsk is perhaps the most charming of the imperial residences of St. Petersburg. Pavlovsk park when created was the largest landscaped area in the world. It is a truly vast space on almost 600 hectares.  The Palace was designed by a brilliant Scottish architect Charles Cameron. Interiors of the Pavlovsk Palace are truly beautiful and just as cosy and harmonious as the parkland around it.

You will have a day full of winter fun just like Paul I, first owner of the estate used to have with his family 250 years ago.

First you will be invited to visit Paul's Palace to know the story of the royal family living here. Next you will enjoy horse-drawn carriages ride to reach the Rose Pavilion in the middle of the park. Here folk group is waiting for you for interactive entertainment. You will learn to sing Russian songs, to dance Russian dances and to play Russian games.

At the end you will have a tea from Russian Samovar with local pastries.