Exclusive tour to the most known Moscow skyscraper.

Every tourist visiting Moscow is coming to the Moscow University viewing point to admire fantastic view on the city. Not like others you will have a chance to visit Alma Mater of Russian science Lomonosov Moscow State University also inside and even come to the top of this impressive building!

Established in 1755 Moscow State University now days it has more than 6 000 professors and lecturers, and about 5 000 researchers working for the faculties and research institutes. More than 50 000 students study at the university yearly. The history of the building – one of the Stalin skyscrapers is not less fascinating then the history of the University itself.

We will visit lower floors of the University, and then famous Rotonda – beautiful hall on the top of the building looking like a Greek temple. At the end of excursion you will see Moscow from the top of the building.

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