Learn the history of the Hermitage museum in the virtual reality!

World-famous due to its collection of classic art, the State Hermitage Museum always keeps pace with time!

Now, visitors can experience new educational entertainment right in the museum watching the 360 virtual reality video about the history of the Hermitage Museum starting from the times of Catherine The Great.

The viewer is immersed in the illusion of becoming a movie character. A famous Russian actor Konstantine Habensky portrays Mystic, a guide who has the power to travel through time and space. In the plot, the viewer travels through the main events occurred in the Hermitage starting from the times of Catherine The Great. All events take place in different rooms and locations within the museum, which includes the famous Hanging Garden, the roof of the Winter Palace, and the Palace Square. During the adventure, the viewer is introduced to the current director of the Hermitage Museum - Mikhail B. Piotrovsky.

Source: https://cie.acm.org/articles/virtual-reality-hermitage-museum/

360 Virtual Movie at the Hermitage Museum