Something to remember about places of visit in Moscow

Many people pay attention, first of all, to Moscow symbols and the most famous places. Of course, the Kremlin and St.Basil Cathedral are attractive tourist and cultural sites. But it is no less interesting to see something extraordinary and not known to everyone. Among the variety of metropolitan museums, residents and guests of the city are surprised by institutions of a very specific theme.

One from such Museum it is Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre. This museum is dedicated to Jewish culture and religious tradition, the history of the life and resettlement of Jews, the history of Jews in Russia. 

The permanent exposition presents the history of Russia starting from the period of Catherine II the Great down to our days through the examples of the culture and everyday life of the Jewish people. Unlike many traditional historical museums the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is interactive. Twelve themed halls designed by the leading company in the sphere of exhibition design — Ralph Appelbaum Associates — are equipped with panoramic cinemas, interactive screens, audiovisual installations created with the use of unique photo- and video-archives, documents and interviews. Major exhibitions introducing the main movements and names in fine arts are also held in the Museum.

Modern technologies used in the Museum allow visitors to literally touch the centuries-long history of the Jewish people and to learn more about their culture and religious traditions. The excursions are held in any language including Hebrew.

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