“The dream is to open in the summer,” the Heads of Museums are saying…

The most demanded Museums like Catherina Palace, Hermitage and Peterhof  look forward to re-open their doors. Technically the museums are ready to open on the second day after the lifting of the restrictions. Russian tourists will come first to admire the treasures and masterpieces. Foreign visitors are expected later this year. Visits will be arranged as "no crowding".

The Hermitage has shifted scheduled temporary exhibitions by 2-3 months. And it is the same for the itinerant exhibitions that the Hermitage has planned to show in Amsterdam, Vyborg and Omsk. 

As many other museums Peterhof State Museum and its park are opened for virtual visit. Usually the new season starts in the beginning of May, however, the coronavirus made adjustments to the schedule and the museum had to postpone this spectacular event. 

We will keep you updated. We are here for you and wait to meet your tourists in our beautiful city!!!