5 must see observation decks in St.Petersburg!

A great opportunity to take a look of the whole city is to visit one of the observing platforms of this open-air museum (the whole historical center of St. Petersburg is under UNESCO protection). 

5 + 1 of the best observation decks in the city: 

  • Colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral 

Five hundred thousand people per year  this is the approximate statistic of visits to the observation deck of the largest Orthodox church in St. Petersburg. Almost 300 numbered steps of an medieval spiral staircase will lead you to a height of 43 meters. From here, from the most popular panoramic point of the city open magnificent views of the Neva,  Palace Squares, the Admiralty, the Winter Palace, the Savior on Spilled Blood and other famous sights. 

  • Smolny Cathedral observation deck 

Few steps less than in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, exactly 277 steps - will have to be overcome by those who wish to climb to the observation deck of the Smolny Cathedral. Its belfry is the highest museum panoramic point in the city. A wonderful view of the Neva river opens from a height of 50 meters. You can see the the Smolny Monastery, the Resurrection Cathedral and the Smolny Institute, the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge. While climbing up, visitors are accompanied by music of the Baroque era, as this temple complex was built in the Elizabethan Baroque style. 

  • The observation deck on the bell tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral 
In 1703, the construction of the Peter and Paul Fortress began with the construction of a three-level bell tower of the main cathedral. 
The second tier was equipped with an observation deck, where it was possible to track the approach of enemy troops.
Today anyone can climb to the panoramic platform at a height of 42 meters. 
For a long time, the Peter and Paul Cathedral with a height of 122.5 meters was one of the most recognizable sights of the northern capital and remained the tallest building in 
St. Petersburg. Although this is no longer like this, the most beautiful panoramas from the height to the Admiralteyskaya and Dvortsovaya embankments can only be seen from here.

However, one of the best panoramic views of the historical center of St. Petersburg opens from here: the Admiralty, Palace Embankment, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Palace, Trinity Bridge and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. It is also the perfect place for selfies. 

  • Museum named Karl Bulla on Nevskiy Prospect 

A unique opportunity to evaluate the modern center of St. Petersburg and compare it with streets of 19th century is provided by the Museum-Photo Salon named after K.K.
Bulls. In the house on Nevsky Prospekt, which was popular photo studio for 100 years and which changed many owners, and worked even during the war years, you can find a rare pictures of the city of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Most of them are the works of the famous artist, pioneer of Russian photojournalism, Karl Bulla.
In 2002, the building was restored and partially returned to its historical appearance. After checking the unique collection of photographs, lets visit the observation deck.

This is the salon’s balcony, from which the Nevsky Prospect, Ostrovsky Square and Sadovaya Street can be perfectly viewed.

  •  NEW NEW : Observation deck in Lakhta Center ( The opening is planned at the end of 2020)

The height of the tower is 462 meters in total and the main object in it is an observation deck.
At a height of 350 meters, the supporting core of the skyscraper ends and a spire with a height of 117 meters is installed on it.
It contains a two-level observation deck with panoramic glazing. The viewing angle is 360 degrees, you can walk in a circle and look in all directions.
It is higher than the observation decks in London, Paris and Berlin. It is located at an altitude of 370 meters and is the highest in Russia and Europe.
Special high-speed elevators will raise visitors to a height.
The deck will be equipped with binoculars and telescopes and will have a gift shop where you can buy different souvenirs in a shape of the Lahta Center skyscraper.

There are many other viewing platforms on the rooftops of the city. We tried to choose the best with the best views.

Come to St.Petersburg and see that by your own eyes!

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