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River cruises in Russia can be an excellent option for a bright, eventful vacation for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the beauties of the country. To see Russia from a boat, you need to choose a suitable route or direction: 

1. Moscow - St. Petersburg or vice versa (from 6 days). 

It would seem that the Sapsan train can take you from St. Petersburg to Moscow in just over four hours, why spend a week to get from the same point A to the same point B? The same route can be an unforgettable adventure, give you a lot of impressions and real pleasure in life! The routes of river cruises Moscow - St. Petersburg (St.Petersburg-Moscow) pass through Uglich, Goritsy, Myshkin, and you can also visit Mandrogi, Svirstroy and other cities located along the banks of the river route from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

2. Golden Ring of Russia by boat (from 7 days).

Acquaintance with the famous cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, such as Yaroslavl, Ples, Uglich, Kostroma, Myshkin and many others on board the ship is a great option for a calm thoughtful journey through the vastness of the vast country.

3. Cruise along the Volga river (from 9 days).

Cross 3.000 km traveling from Moscow to Astrakhan, passing and stopping in beautiful Russian cities like Myshkin - Yaroslavl - Kostroma - Ples - Nizhny Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan - Samara - Saratov - Volgograd - Astrakhan. After such trip you can say – “Yes I know Russia a little bit more then you. I saw it from inside”. 

4. Saint Petersburg - Valaam (3-4 days). 

Cruise from St. Petersburg to Valaam can be a great addition to your stay in the Northern Capital. This route is popular among the citizens themselves, as well as among the guests from all over Russia and abroad, so the ships leave almost every day, and the prices can pleasantly surprise you. 

5. Saint Petersburg - Solovki (from 11 days) 

The cruise is the only opportunity to see the pearl of the Russian North, the long-suffering, mysterious and beautiful archipelago of the Solovetsky Islands. Only in summer, when the harsh White Sea conquers its waters for a while, can you take a sea trip to Solovki. Watch our video about Solovki here: https://www.facebook.com/108316804179260/videos/1120620251726969

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