VYBORG – Scandinavia with a Russian soul

Looking at the pictures of Vyborg, it is difficult to imagine that this city is located in Russia, the architecture is so different from everything else in Russia.

Vyborg  is located just 120 km from St.Petersburg and  it’s interesting due to its shared cultural, historical and architectural links with Finland.
That is explained by the fact that the Finnish border is just 27km away and the city was actually Finland’s second city by population until it was incorporated into Russia in 1940. 
There is also a Swedish feel to the city as It was founded in 1293 by the regent of the Swedish king Torkel Knutsson and was previously part of the Kingdom of Sweden.  
Swedes were responsible for constructing the city’s main sight - its mediaeval castle.

Vyborg Castle is only fully preserved designed in the European tradition medieval castle in Russia. Now it serves as a museum. From the castle “St. Olaf's tower” is great view of the city.

Another highlight of the city is Alvar Aalto Library. 
This modernist library building was the work of the Finnish cult architect Alvar Aalto back in the 1930s. It boasts an unusual design with an emphasis on natural materials and connection to nature.
The lecture hall, has panoramic windows that give those inside the impression of being inside a park, and in the reading room there is an interesting lighting solution - windows have been cut directly into the ceiling and readers are illuminated by sunlight.
Another popular sight is the Monrepo Park which is located 2km from the Vyborg Castle.  You cannot miss the entrance to the part which is marked by large gates.
Monrepo Park is famed for its rocky landscapes and is lovely to walk around.

As the main sights of Vyborg are not all located together you could easily spend over 6 hours in the city.

Welcome to this charming picturesque city, you will never forget the unique atmosphere of this place.

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