About Fremad Russia

The Fremad Russia travel agency and DMC has been assisting travelers since 1993. We are a leader in both leisure and business travel providing custom-crafted and unique travel experiences to individuals and groups of all sizes.

As a recognized and trusted travel agency and destination management company, we are proud of having built a team that is passionate about travel. Assisting travelers with tours to Russia and St. Petersburg shore excursions is what we do all day every day, so we know what to recommend and what not to recommend to our clients. Our booking managers, travel directors, local guides and drivers take care of every little detail at every step, providing exceptional service so you make the most of your experience.

We have built strong connections in the travel industry that enable us to offer you special discounts you won't find anywhere else. Our promise to you is when you travel with us, you will fall in love with Russia!

Our Team

Larisa Ropotova, General Director and Co-founder, Fremad Russia   Larisa Ropotova
General Director and Co-founder
Born in Leningrad, Larisa always loved travels and meeting new people.
In 1993, Larisa started her own business, and the words which could describe her company were ambition, desire for success, and optimism.
Larisa has a degree in Engineering and believes that it helps her design and build strong business relations.
Celebrating Fremad Russia's 25th anniversary this year, Larisa is proud that her company is an experienced and competitive supplier and reliable partner for over 250 travel agencies all over the world.
Gennady Gostev, Financial Director and Co-founder, Fremad Russia   Gennady Gostev
Financial Director and Co-founder
Holding a bachelor degrees in Business Management, Gennady creates and supports financial stability and security for Fremad Russia and our clients.
His expertise is mainly related to strategy, business valuation, budget planning and audit.
Nina Tikhontseva, Director of Fremad Moscow, Fremad Russia   Nina Tikhontseva
Director of Fremad Moscow
Born and raised in Moscow, Nina is a fifth generation true Muscovite.
Nina has a degree in IT and Programming but her passion for Russian history and art has taken her to travel industry.
As Director of Fremad Moscow, Nina creates unique tours of Moscow and is responsible for web advertisement and development.
Elena Potapenko, Director of Incoming Department, Fremad Russia   Elena Potapenko
Director of Incoming Department
Elena grew up in Barnaul - the capital of the Altai Territory in Siberia. Since she visited St.Petersburg at the age of 10 for the first time, she always wanted to live and work here.
Her 15 year experience in travel industry allows her create, lead and manage a strong team of skilled staff and provide partners with reliable, prompt, safe and attentive service.
Tanya Kuzakova, Director of Business Development, Fremad Russia   Tanya Kuzakova
Director of Business Development
Tanya's duties are to initiate sales leads, create new products and services and manage partner relationships.
Tanya has been working in travel industry for over 20 years. During that time, she has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge.
Her motto is: "When you create a travel product, think if there's a way to make it even more unique and affordable for your clients."
Tatiana Zyablikova, Fremad Moscow   Tatiana Zyablikova
Fremad Moscow
Tatiana has been with Fremad Russia for 8 years and is responsible for MICE and Group travels to Moscow.
She is one of the best and most experienced travel agents in Moscow.
Tatiana knows exactly how to make her guests feel very special and welcomed.
Marina Tinyakova, Director of Incentive Department   Marina Tinyakova
Director of Incentive Department
Ekaterina Eremeeva, Incentive Department Project Manager   Ekaterina Eremeeva
Incentive Department Project Manager
Sergey Sorokin, Project and Sales Manager   Sergey Sorokin
Chief of Hotel Relations
Natalya Kirusheva, Project and Sales Manager   Natalya Kirusheva
Project and Sales Manager
Alina Smirnova, Sales and Operation Manager   Alina Smirnova
Sales and Operation Manager
Natalia Shustrova, Project and Sales Manager   Natalia Shustrova
Project and Sales Manager
Elena Rumyantseva, Project and Sales Manager   Elena Rumyantseva
Project and Sales Manager
Daria Shchitikova, Sales Manager of Air Ticket Department   Daria Shchitikova
Sales Manager of Air Ticket Department
Oksana Malomuzh, Sales Manager of Air Ticket Department   Oksana Malomuzh
Sales Manager of Air Ticket Department
Lubov Gadenova, Accountant   Lubov Gadenova