St.Petersburg: Red October (5 days)

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It is another page of Russian history… This unique tour is dedicated to the revolution which has made the changes and influenced to the Russian history and the entire world. Discover all secrets of one of the most defining moments of the 20th century! Learn more about Russia's communist background and the meanings of revolutionary slogans.

More than a hundred years ago, in that time in Petrograd, Russian radicals known as the Bolsheviks carried out “the Great October Socialist Revolution.” On the night of October 24, 1917, Bolshevik Red Guards began to take control of key points in the Russian capital—railway stations, telegraph offices and government buildings. By the following evening, they controlled the city with the exception of the Winter Palace, the seat of the Provisional Government. The “storming of the Winter Palace” has gone down in history as the climactic moment of the October Revolution.

Over the next three years, the Bolsheviks (soon renamed Communists) would have to win power in a bloody civil war and reestablish order in a country that had descended into anarchy.

This tour immerse you into Russia 20th century history. You will learn about Vladimir Lenin. You will visit Peter and Paul Fortress, Museum of Political History of Russia and much more museums and places.

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  • Arrival and departure transfers with a local guide
  • Two and a half day tours with a local guide and a private tourist-class vehicle
  • Entrance tickets to the museums: Peter and Paul Fortress, the State Hermitage Museum, The State Museum of Political History of Russia, Lenin Museum in the Smolny Institute, and Art Center Pushkinskaya 10
  • All local taxes; a private tourist-class vehicle; English-/or German-/or Spanish-/or Italian-/or French-speaking local guide. Other languages are at extra fee.

Tour Highlights

Sightseeing Tour "Lenin is Alive"

Learn more about history of magnificent Saint Petersburg, the cradle of the communist revolution in Russia, that later - in the 1960s - became the center of dissident movement in the USSR. The main focus will be placed on Vladimir Lenin, whose name was given to the city in the soviet times and whose personality still plays an important role in the nowadays St.Petersburg life.

The State Museum of Political History of Russia

The building where the museum is located played a significant role in history. This attractive art nouveau mansion was originally built for Mathilda Kshesinskaya, the Mariinsky Theater's prima ballerina and Nicholas II's mistress before he became an emperor of Russia. On the display is the collection of the now defunct Museum of the Revolution, with artifacts owned by prominent personas in the Russian communist movement, including their personal items, documents, posters, pamphlets, and banners.

The Cruiser "Aurora"

Come aboard the memorial cruiser Aurora, which played an important role in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The cruiser Aurora was built between 1897 and 1900 by the "New Admiralty" in St. Petersburg and joined Russia's Baltic fleet in 1903. On the night of October 25-26, 1917, it fired a blank shot at the Winter Palace (that time, the residence of the Provisional Government), giving a signal to the rebellious workers, soldiers and sailors of the city to storm the palace.

Lenin Museum in the Smolny Institute

The Smolny Institute was opened by Catherine the Great as an educational establishment for the girls from the most noble families. Later on that very building became the head quarters of the Revolutionary Uprising. Lenin lived and worked there for several months. He and his wife occupied only two small rooms, one was a study, and the other was a living room. Obviously you will be shocked by the simplicity of the everyday life of the Great Leader.

Peter and Paul Fortress

Located on the banks of the beautiful Neva River, the towering Peter and Paul Fortress dominates the skyline of St Petersburg. Built in 18th century, the fortress is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in the city's rich history. The fortress is also home to the famous Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, the city's oldest, dating back to 1712.

Art Center Pushkinskaya 10

For long years the native culture in the USSR had been divided on "official" (Soviet) and "nonofficial" one. “Pushkinskaya-10″ is the brightest representative of the second one. It began when a group of independent artists and musicians occupied a condemned building on Pushkinskaya Street. Nowadays “Pushkinskaya 10” is a museum of nonconformist art and a center that supports creative people to do their own art projects.


Day 1: Welcome to St. Petersburg

Welcome to St. Petersburg. On your arrival, Fremad Russia will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. Take some rest and prepare for an exciting sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg tomorrow!

Day 2: St. Petersburg Sightseeing

Enjoy sightseeing tour “Lenin is alive!” including stop near Aurora Battle Ship and excursion to the Peter and Paul Fortress In the afternoon explore the State Museum of Political history of Russia (Former Museum of the Revolution)

Day 3: The State Hermitage Museum

In the morning enjoy Excursion to the State Hermitage (Winter palace) former winter residence of Russian Tsars that played the key role in October Revolution of 1917. The rest of the day is free.

Day 4: Lenin Memorial Museum

Visit Lenin Museum in the Smolny Institute and then have a ride in the most beautiful metro in the world! Early in the afternoon you will have a tour to the Art centre “Pushkinskaya 10”

Day 5: Leaving St. Petersburg

This day marks the end of an unforgettable vacation to St. Petersburg. Check out from your hotel by 12:00 pm. Fremad Russia will transfer you to the airport/railway station.