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Tours to Baikonur to the launch of the
Baikonur cosmodrome is where space exploration begun. The first satellite of the Earth and the fi...
Tours to Altai mountains
Altai is probably the one of the last untouched areas of the planet. Located in four countries -...
NEW TOUR ST.PETERSBURG: How is sculpture born?
We invite you to the the studio of the famous St. Petersburg sculptor Mikhail Anikushin. ...
Free & easy: E-visa to Russia
Starting from October 1, 2019 citizens of 53 countries may apply for e-visa to visit St.Petersbur...
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Book a Hotel in Russia

Hassle-free hotel booking!

Contact Fremad Russia for hotel prices and availability. We can save you time by vetting thousands of hotel options to find the best location at the lowest rate.

As a recognized and trusted travel agency and destination management company, we have built strong connections in the travel industry that enable us to offer you special discounts you won't find anywhere else!

Fremad Russia Travel Agency and DMC

Founded in 1993, the Fremad Russia travel agency has proven itself as a trusted, reliable supplier and partner in the travel industry. We specialize in providing private and customized travel services for individuals, groups, large incentives, conferences, and cruise passengers. Our attention to detail is the key factor leading to our success. While offering a wide variety of standard tour programs in St. Petersburg and Moscow, the Fremad Russia travel agency creates and delivers unique touring experiences that always exceed expectations of our guests.

Our products are as vast and varied as our country: from Kamchatka on the east to Brest and Kaliningrad on the west. For our tours to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Sochi, the Golden Ring tour, the Russian North tour, Russian river cruises, the Trans Siberian Railway journey, we have hand-picked quality accommodation, excursions, activities and transportation options.

At Fremad Russia, we understand the needs of our clients and look at Russian tourism from an international perspective with the insight of a local. Our focus is to offer a full range of services and products and provide a 24-hour personalised support to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients and partners.

We are a team of open-minded, flexible and experienced professionals in the travel industry. Each in our staff strives to achieve the highest level of customer service and quality. Align with the travel agency Fremad Russia for an efficient and reliable partnership, which will make your travels a marketing success and leave memorable experiences for all the guests.

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Why Fremad Russia?

  • 24-hour comprehensive service
  • Prompt responses
  • Patience & experience
  • Enthusiastic, professional & knowledgeable managers
  • Extensive affiliate network: hotels, restaurants & venues
  • Facilities in Moscow & St. Petersburg offering nationwide service
  • Variety of programs, scaleable to satisfy any number of guests
  • Experience you can rely on and dependability you can trust
  • Adding character & creativity to every product
  • Quality, financial stability & competitive pricing
  • A wide variety of sightseeing tours to Russia's most amazing destinations

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